WA: Skunk2 Intake Manifold, OEM Belts, PC680 Battery Bracket, etc.

Log of parts for sale.

  1. SOLD, thanks MantisX- Skunk2 Intake Manifold Pro Series for B18A, B18B, and B20 engines. Used/good condition, mating surfaces are clean and straight as shown in pictures (intake air temp sensor attached). $200 shipped. $180 local pick up.

  2. SOLD locally - Good condition/straight lightweight jdm bumper support for a 1990 or 1991 integra. Comes free with 90-91 bumper brackets (black, not pictured). $130 shipped. $100 local pick up.

  3. SOLD ebay - Golden Eagle Vacuum Manifold - low miles/like new. Running vacuum lines off new manifold so I no longer need this. Comes with all fittings in picture. $30 shipped, $25 local.

  4. LSD Motorsports Racing Pressure Plate - Rated to hold 192 ft*lbs of torque with street/organic disk and 232 ft-lbs torque with 6 puck disk. Fits all 90-93 B series transmissions. Only reason I’m selling is because I had to upgrade to a more powerful pressure plate due to future HP goals. Purchased new December of 2008, used for less than 6000 miles, non-abused and meticulously broken-in. Price lowered, $80 shipped. $60 local.

  1. SOLD ebay - New speedfactory aluminum battery bracket for Odyssey PC680 batteries (and smaller dimension batteries using spacers). Decided to mount my battery differently after purchasing and speedfactory does not accept returns for cash. Retails for 40. $33 shipped. $27 local pick up.

  2. SOLD, thanks RWolf10 - New/Unused OEM accessory belts. Daily driver ended up at the wrecker before I had a chance to install unfortunately.
    part#:38920-pr4-a04 - a/c compressor belt (fits 90-93) + part#:56992-pr3-004 - power steering belt (fits 90-93) + part#:31110-pr3-003 - alternator belt (fits 90-91)

For locals, I live in Bonney Lake. Email for phone # if you’re interested.

I was interested in the mani but then saw Bonney Lake… Don’t feel like driving from Lake Stevens. haha maybe… :]

interested in the accessory belts. there’s no email listed. email me at (Deleted)

Yeah that’s quite the drive! Unfortunately I can’t propose a meet since my transportation is undergoing major surgery. Let me know if you change your mind

RWolf10: emailed ya

Bump, part added

subscribed i gota try to get that bumper support

bump, part added.

right on, i’ll probably still have it whenever you want to get it.

another part added.

Will that bumper support not work on a 92-93

It only fits the 90-91 bumper covers. If you have a 92-93 bumper, you’ll need the 90-91 bumper brackets which this comes with and the 90-91 bumper cover to fit this support.

Ok thank you do you possibly have a 90-91 bumper cover?

No sorry, just the parts listed here.

Skunk2 manifold still available? Id like it for 200 shipped if you do.


Yes it is still available. Paypal is ar.thousand<at>gmail<dot>com, can have it shipped by tomorrow too.

Payment sent! Thanks

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