Waking up a teg that's been sleeping for 8 years

I took my g2 off the road shortly after I got out of high school and finally got it back on the road. It didn’t just sit though. I would start it every summer and pull it out of the garage. So far I’ve out in some fresh gas, coolant and changed the oil. Drove it about 10 miles today and everything seems to be working except for a higher than normal idle. What else should I check or replace?

Check the fuel presure regulator


idle adjust screw and fuel filter

I’ve brought a few cars back from long term storage in my day. Just last month it was an EF hatch sitting for about 10 years (never even started). We swept up about 10 lbs of rust from under the car, and that was just from re-doing the brakes.

You have to inspect every piece of rubber on the car. Cooling, vacuum, brake lines, spark plug wires, bushings, etc… and check for any oil leaks. Cars that sit have a way of leaking after you bring it back to life. Sometimes its not immediate and can take a while to start (if its been 2 weeks I’d call it ok).

Changing the Fuel filter would be wise. Fuel system cleaner is never a bad idea. I prefer the big Lucas bottle because it can treat several tanks for about $11 making it way cheaper than buying several smaller bottles.

I recommend changing brake, power steering and transmission fluids as well based on the age. Be sure to pull off the wheels and closely inspect the tires for dry rot. Having a tire fail on the highway is not fun, been there a few times. I would also reccomend checking the ECU for any codes before you go and replace any sensors or mess with the idle screw.

Congratulations on bringing your DA back to life.