walbro intank pump question....

i was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem with the walbro intank pump.

ok, i have the pump install but the pump is smaller then the stock and also sits higher than the stock, fuels not out yet but pump sits a little higher so when gas is almost out, it bogs because its not low enough to pump fuel when fuel is almost out on gauge. no light yet either. stock pump support wont alow the pump to sit any lower. do i just slap on the stock fuel filter since it sits lower or whats your guys trick to this?

Just use your old “Tea bag” filter from your old fuel pump. It will work fine. Hope this helps.

yeah, i was thinking of that too, but i think its gonna go on pointing another direction like toward the side walls or something. not sure yet, gotta check. dropped my tank 4 times already. wanna do this right and never touch it again. stock pump is in right now, i think it works better for some reason.

how did u get the pump to hold in the tank the little rubber piece did not fit my little fuel pump did u cut that little piece of rubber

what do you mean the little piece? are you talking about the rubber thing on the bottom? if your talking about that, your walbro should come with one already. use the little ring from the stock to hold your filter inplace, i think i would recomend using stock filter. its lower and better. walbro should have a black bag thing to slide around your pump, slide it over and just clamp it to your fuel holder or zip tie it. you will have to bend the bottom support of the pump and put your walbro in and force it back up to secure the new pump.

sorry for bringing back an old post but I have an question and hopefully if other are in the same vote as I’m in it’ll help.

ok I have a walbro 255lph and its on the fuel pump gold bracket but I have no clue where to connect the red and black wires. Do I just connect to the same wires that were used for the stock pump or do I pull the new walbro wires to the top portion of the bracket.
*Why I ask is that the stock plug has like a cover that goes over the stock wiring and for the new walbro pump theres just like a connecter to crimp so I was wondering if gas touches or happens to it happens to fit through the lil gaps from the connecter that I just crimped could it start a fire?
I don’t know about electrical but common sense tells to just color match.

thanks I hope what I wrote is understandable

solder and heat shrink the wires OR crimp using butt connectors and stretch heat shrink over each end of the connector. When i had my walbro thats what i did, but those pumps are absolute shit so i replaced it with a new stock one. Hope your is better than mine was.

heres a pic…should I crimp it on A or B…I’m afraid that the gas might go through the lil gaps from crimping in a fire starts.

thanks for the help

nevermind,lol…I removed the black cover/clips thats mounted right underneath the fuel pump goldish bracket and just screwed it in no crimping needed. wOOt wOOt runs better now :up: :up: