want to remove the exhaust resonator...

alrite, i searched but all i got were about the intake resonator. im thinking of removing my stock exhaust resonator but im not sure how it will sound. i wanted to originally get a whole new exhaust system but its too much of a hassle with cops in LA so i figured i could just remove the resonator. a friend of mine removed it on jetta glx and it sounds nice. its not too loud and its smooth. i was wondering if anyone has knows how it would be on the stock exhaust system on our body integras.


P.I.T.A. :giggle: its not as easy as it sounds. the resonator is welded into the piping, you’d have to get a section of piping put in place of it. IMO its not worth it, and it would sound like shit. Buy an exhaust like the RS*R or something.

i think he knows its welded man hes not a moron…

You could try using a hacksaw to get it off, the piping on the exhaust isn’t thick.

Then cut a new pipe to size and weld that on.

ok obviously ima replace it with a piece of piping which fits it. my question was mainly on how it would sound.

and stop with the weird sign language. spell out wat ur trying to say. hint hint…PITA or IMO

…thanks joe :wink:

it will sound bad. that is all.