Warning Light

Today when I was in the freeway the Check Engine Warning Light came upp. When I pull over and stop the car and turn off the engine. Then I turn back on the car the light is off? Can some1 help me on this?? What could be the problem if i do got one???


Have you messed with the O2 censor at all…like changing out your manifold to a header?

No i didnt do notthing. Today it happened agian i dont know what wrong with it. :shrug:

Well then bro… you got me. My check light has just come on when driving but it was because air was coming in from behind my header that I installed… simple fix but for the most part I would think it is the o2 that is doing it for you… good luck!!

next tiem it happens, check what code the ECU is giving. that will point you in what direction to go.

How can I check the code from the ECU??? What do I need to do??