Warped CF Hood..fixable or no?

When the hood is closed there is a 1/4" - 1/2" gap where the hood lines up(or is supposed to) with the fender on the drivers side. I guess a better way to put it is the hood “bows” upward and looks like it’s not closed all the way.
It needs to be flattened out somehow if that possible. Is there a way to alter it to fit or should I just sell it off for a few dollars.

need pics to say

did you try unbolting the hinges close the hood and line it up. then pull on one side and bolt the bolt that is in the end closes to the windshild first. same on the other side. just a though, i played with mys for a long time to get to fit and look right or it was better then before.

I’ll try to get a couple pics up, I’m at work right now.

mine does the same thing. adjusting is the key. I moved the bumpstop on the passenger side all the way to the top, and then lowered my hood catch a bit too, which helped out. I have fiberglass fenders so i stuck a couple of washers under the fender to raise that up a bit in the middle, then bolted it down. That helped a little. I am going to install locking hood pins which will take the gap out completely, but i wish there was something else i could do as well so i don’t have to go thru the agony of drilling my CF…

also wait till it really warms up outside, if your not above 25 degrees it might not have settled yet, they do tend to sit better after a really hot day