was going to SELL my car... but now an ENGINE SWAP sounds good!

i have a 91rs and lately i’ve considered selling it.

i posted a message on the general discussion board, but i figured i’d post one in here as well…

instead of selling my car, i am now thinking of doing an engine swap, something to make my car run better, more smoothly perhaps… my current engine has a little over 150k on it.

If I were to change over to say a b16a(which has been recommended, and from what i hear is pretty cheap), what would i need to worry about, and what should i look for when purchasing a “complete swap” setup online…?? As far as labor, and existing parts go, what would match up, and what would i need to buy?? I’d seriously like to spend as little as possible, without killing whomever is going to do this for me.

now as i’ve said before, i’m not exactly car-literate, so that’s why someone else will be doing this for me.

But any info would be great, also websites to look for engines.

thanks again g2ic.


What kind of engine are you looking for a domestic or JDM one?

For a JDM one, try www.jdmhondaparts.com