Was thinking blue, but saw a green...pics?

I was really thinking of a nice metallic/alittle pearly blue colour for my integra. But I saw a green integra online somewhere and the green is kinda poking me in the back of the head. The green was really dark, and metallic. I have no idea what the colour is and I can’t find the car now. So if anyone has pics of an integra green I’d kinda like to compare it to the blue ones i have. The green was dark, and metallic, it was rich but it wasn’t like a bright dark colour, if that makes sense…glad I have a couple weeks before I actually get my car painted so I can compare more. Thanx!

Like this? http://members.tripod.com/racing_street/60119green_integra.jpg

Or are you thinking about the forest green that comes on LS-S?


first picture didn’t work, second one, nah. I’m not a big forest green fan, it’s not so much a dark green as it is a darker bright green…dammit, how to put it…it’s still a really noticeable green colour, but it’s darker…I’m just sounding retarded now. Thanx anyways.

http://members.tripod.com/racing_street/supercalle.html Go there and scroll to the Integra.

Yeah, kinda like that colour, thanx. Do you happen to know the name of it?

Nahh but I’m sure someone who does will look at it.

took me a while, but a green like this…

darker 1.JPG