Washed engine bay now car wont start

So i was low pressure washing my engine bay and there is a ground running from the top of my block to the sub chassis deal by the front clip (if thats what it is called) and i have a battery relocation mod so the black cable is grounded to the start with exposed wires…could this have something to do with my odometer melting, speedometer needle falling off and the car not starting, what is weird is it started right after i washed it and i drove it around for a bit then after that it did not start

Your odometer melt after you washed it?

Does it just turn over?

Need a little more info on this.

My battery works but it just does not start and there is a radical clicking noise in the dash…thinkin its my main relay

If something melted my guess is it is a grounding issue.

Please explain relocated batt. wiring, gauge of cable used, types of connections and where.

1-What gauge of cable is being used for the relocated batt.?
2-Where is the batt. relocated to?
3-Where is the batt. pos.(+) connected to?
4-Where is the batt. ground connected to?
5-How are these connections made?

What do you mean by, " so the black cable is grounded to the start with exposed wires"? 94