wat head gasket to use on a b20vtec set up

ok so im building a b20vtec and i bought a stock b20 gasket but dont know if i can use it should i go with a golden eagle oh and im using 84.5mm pistons also can i use the stock b16 head dowel pins any info will be great thanks

any info?

since your bored .5mm over you’ll have to get an aftermarket gasket unless honda makes one??? the stock dowel pins wont work you’ll either need to buy some for an b20/ls vtec or get some machined.

ok so now im getting somewhere no honda does not make oversized head gaskets so then i need the golden eagle gasket and i guess the b20v dowel pins correct me if im wrong

I would get a better one from cometic

bump anybody else

u don’t need a aftermarket gasket the .5 is not much the stock one will do

I’m 84.5mm and I’m using a stock P8R B20 headgasket.

use the stocker…take out the copper snaps (or whatever they are keeping the hg together) on the exhaust side…and dremel out for the dowel pins…i’ve had more luck this way than with the ge ones


I wouldnt dremel the holes out, get a step bit.

when you compare the 2 side by side, its obvious that the ls restricts less and seats better, i’ve had the ge leak on me and im not dogging them i could of been in the wrong but personally,i like modding my own better, the ls has a little more to be done to it than the gsr hg’s but its worth it in my opinion

well i allready bought the ge gasket and wat it basically is, is a gsr gasket bored to 84 mm i matched it up and it looks like it will do the job

Ive used the GE before as well. You say leak, do you mean oil? Down the front of the block?

[QUOTE=rayzda;1962974]well i allready bought the ge gasket and wat it basically is, is a gsr gasket bored to 84 mm i matched it up and it looks like it will do the job[/QUOTE]Looks can be deceiving. Mine leaked.

I ended up laying the headgasket over the block w/the dowels in place and using a sharpie I colored the parts of the block that stuck past the headgasket. Then, I removed the headgasket and grinding the block tilt he black was gone… only on the oil drain spots.

yes oil not bad just a little though…i’m very satisfied with my modded ls one though, but also, its definitely worth the saving the 20-30 bucks as well (not that you wanna be that cheap when you’re building a motor intended to be beat on)

but i’ve also heard that cometic has a gasket out now based on the ls gasket, but they said that it’s just an ls headgasket when i called them, and if it is just a ls cometic gasket, it will need to be modified as well

Ya, thats what I had an issue with when I used the GE mod’d gasket. I went and bought a felpro from Advance… redrilled the dowel holes and fit and worked perfectly.

alot of ppl have there own opinions on wat headgasket to use and thats why im confused as to which one to use i deal wit this shop over in nj and they tell me that they use the ge gasket and that it works fine so after i bought the oem b20 head gasket i dished out more money to buy the ge gasket and now im stuck as to which one to use

well since you already have both, i’d try the ge first, i know that theres plenty of guys out there running them with no problems, but then there are people that do have leakyones, so try that and if that leaks because of the gasket, then try modifying the oem