Wat kind of HID's should i get ??

i want to get some i found on ebay that are 12,000k and are ruby purple

Take my advice, and save yourself some hassle.

I had a 7500K “blue” HID kit in my Legend. Basically, any HID with a K rating above 6000K is nothing more that a super bright and colorful way to atrract the wrong kind of attention. Glare is a big problem on older headlights like ours, and the purple color you want (which I have seen a few times before, and it is very purple) is definitely way too flashy, IMO. I have since installed JDM headlights and installed Osram 4100K with H4H adapters and glare shields in my Legend, and I plan on doing the exact same thing with my JDM’s in my Teg. The bright white light is FAR nicer than my colored HIDs. In the rain (WA state has alot) the colored HIDs are useless. And without glare shields in a 9004, you will glare everyone with annoying purple light. Also, the 4100K’s dont attract any attention. I never get flashed anymore, and they are very very bright on road, even in rain.