Water leak - passenger side door.

Okay… i searched but couldnt find anything.

On my passenger side door, along the rail where the power seat belt runs, I have water leaking.

It beads up at the front of the car, at the end of the track, and drips down onto the passenger side door, power window switch. I cant figure out where the water is coming from, and where that would even be connected to. I have a factory sunroof. Could it have something to do with that? Anyone else have this problem?

You didn’t search…, I’ve covered this before a few times…

Remove the rubber door seal, remove the 20 screws that hold the black trim to the car body. Remove all the old dry rotted foam gasket from the back of the trim. Use silicone gasket maker in one long continuous bead along the top of the trim and reinstall.

I did search. I think those posts you made are gone… And I don’t fully understand what trim and what rubber you’re talking about… I’m sorry… :frowning:

Same problem

I’ve had the same problem with my Teg. The water would poor in when it rains and I’d have a puddle on my passanger floor board. Any reason why it seems to always be the passanger side?

Ther rubber door seal is the seal that the door glass rests against when the window is up. The Black trim is the piece of trim that runs from the front of the mirror to the B Pillar. You will see the screws after you pull the rubber seal out. The factory seal is foam and it dry rotts over time. The gasket maker will solve the leak just make sure to put it on the top side of the screw holes.

Thank you much. I will try this as soon as it warms up.

Finally I have an answer, I have this same problem on my Driver’s side door, and it’s been driving me nuts. The past two tegs I’ve had have had the same problem, after I fix this I just need to find the one in my trunk!!!

could it be possible to have water appear under the dash on the passeger side from this problem? its right at the top right around my floor mat.

that sounds like the infamous cowl leak

thats what mine does… but mine only does it when i turn on the AC. i was told that it was probably the AC drain clogged up tho

hmmmmmmm, well when this happened it was pouring. when i bought the car it smelled musky and stale smelling.

tell me more please!:read:

here you go these are to great links to help diagnose and fix this problem i used the foam way simply because i dont think my leak was coming from those small plugs http://http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163003&highlight=passenger+floor+leak and this one is the cheaper and just as effective way in my opinon http://http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=192639

ahhh man! web page cant be found!!!

here it is and they work sorry bout that http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163003&highlight=passenger+floor+leak cheaper but just as effetive method http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=192639&highlight=passenger+floor+leak

awesome awesome awesome!!!:bowdown::rockon::dance:

cool im glad i could help i had the same deal in my car i had a jacuzzi in my passenger side floor.

You might want to check your drain tube. I had the same problem but mine was leaking from the tube connected to the sunroof. How to check is pull the headliner back or take it off and take a bucket of water and pour it on your roof and if it is leaking from there you should see it. Just put some sealant where it is leaking.

i was thinking the same thing. are there channels that run down the front of the door to drain water from the cowl area?

yeah there is a long tube coming from the sunroof all the way down the lining of the seatbelt rail note that why you might see beads of water dripping from time to time if its rotted out.

dang i have the same problem, i saw a drop of water fall from track for the auto seat belt on the passenger side, sure enough, i look at it and there is some water in the rubber seal. does anyone have any pics of how to replace that gasket seal???