Water water everywhere...

…but why is it in my car?
So, like many other tegs on this board, mine has a water retention problem. I’ve had the usual water in the trunk and on the passenger floor but this one is new. I got in my car the other day while it was raining and noticed water coming in around my passenger side rear side window! It wasn’t running down the window persay, but it was definitly there. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have a sunroof then probably the frame drain is rusted out in that corner of the car…The best thing to do is take out headliner and inspect where water is coming from…If no sunroof then not too sure unless you pull out panels and inspect also…Good Luck

You sure the window just didn’t seal properly against the rubber? If you tend to hear air whipping up on the window just roll it down a couple inches and then back up. You should check the window adjustment tip if you notice that this is the case.