Weapon-R dragon intake systems!!!

I need to hear who has this intake on their car and why you like it. I will post pics of my intake system so i can get feedback.

I have one on my teg. It’s ok, it’s just an intake, makes the standard aftermarket intake sounds. I guess it improves airflow, I haven’t noticed much if any improvement, although i don’t remember what my teg drove like with the stock airbox. I got it rather than a cold air intake because I was worried about hydrolocking since we sometimes get some really bad rainstorms and such, although with the aem bypass valve, that’s not much of a concern now. It fits pretty well in the car, and seems to work ok. I’m not sure that it’s any better than any other short ram intake out there though, at least if you don’t have tons done to the engine, although even then I tend to doubt it’s much if any better. For 160 bucks, it’s not toooo overpriced, but if money’s tight, I’d just go with a cheap short ram or cai, you probably will see the same improvments.