Weekend Photo's

Some photo’s I took of my car this weekend.

looks clean man…what lights do u have for your headlights?

I have the H7 5k made from DDM Tuning . . .

how much did u have to modify the H7 for the h4h housings?

Its really simple all you have to modify is the clip where spring goes unde. So it locks the bulb in place with out falling off or so.

awesome! didnt mean to get off topic but i love the way ur lights looked…and those kits seem reasonably priced…

No problem dude, thats why the fourms are here, to ask and learn . . .

gotta ask one more ?, what all did u order with it? they have the 35w, 55w, then they have some HID harness, error eliminator, adapter cables, and mounting brackets…

I got the 35w regular kit. Nothing else.

awesome thanks man

your DA looks clean!!! you should add spacers to the 89 lip to make it look more proper (you will notice a big difference). also, why not just get get h4h hid bulbs? you can get them for only $30, just gotta search the web a bit.

here is a link to where i use to get my h4h HIDs from. i think they do shipping too.

idk if ur just promoting the site, but i dont see any kits on there under $80

He might be rteffering to just the bulbs by them self.

yup…just the bulbs.

Clean teggy im roccing the same wheels nice and mint teggy keep it up