weight of vis oem carbon fiber hood?

i’m the quest of purchasing a carbon fiber hood. i’ve narrowed it down to bodykits nw and vis. i’ve heard that vis was pretty heavy, is this true? if someone can verify this info compared to the stock hood please let me know.

i compared both types.despite the weight, it is a little more than the cheaper ones,i have a vis hood, id rather sacrifice a few pounds for the tremendous quality that the vis hood has to offer, for one the vis is a direct oem replacement, the edges are rounded and smooth not like the imitations, the vis had pre cut holes for hood pins, theres no drilling at all, even the car had holes for the hood pin studs that matched the hood. its great ive been through this road before and im glad i went with vis.:gotpics:

knowledge develops wisdom, wisdom develops power

bringing this back anyone know vis oem style wt?

mine weighed in at 11 lbs…stock was 35lbs i think

good stuff, thanks