Weight Reduction?

I don’t have the cash right now to buy any proformace items, so i think i’m gonna try some weight reduction too see if i can get any gains. Other than the spare tire and jack, what kind of things could i remove that would lessen the weight of my car??


The front bumper support is surprisingly heavy.

Is that the two brackets behind the bumper lights??

here are some ideas:
-gut interior (most people aren’t willing to ditch the whole interior)
-remove floormats
-remove rear wiper arm and motor
-remove exhaust heat shield
-remove pass side view mirror
-cut back the amount of stereo system you’re running
-remove dust shields on brakes
-remove heat shields on exhaust
-remove cruise control
-remove power steering system (adds a lil hp too)
-remove spoiler

thats all i can think of right now that is free

cool… thanks man. Most of those don’t sound too heavy though… but i guess it all adds up. :slight_smile:

Someone wieghed the rear seats on a 4-door and it was almost 40lbs…

Originally posted by :::RepTile
cool… thanks man. Most of those don’t sound too heavy though… but i guess it all adds up. :slight_smile:

you’re right, most of those things aren’t that heavy. the wiper motor and ps pump weigh the most. Typically if you want to remove heavy stuff you’ll have to start giving up some convenience (ie air conditioning, scrapping sound deading material…), or start paying money (ie, lightweight wheels, lightweight flywheel, lexan windows, cf hood, one piece headlights, jdm bumper support, fiberglass body parts…)

I personally wouldnt remove the heatshield over the exhaust manifold… its there for a reason. I know everyones gonna say “i dont have one with my header, and its fine” yeah yeah. Its no good for the paint job on the hood, top or underside, and it only weighs a couple pounds. Every hundred pounds you tear off your car gives you about 1/10th of a second of your ¼… Something to keep in mind.