Weird blinky lights.

Okay, so on the way home from work today, I started my car and two of my dash lights (door and trunk open lights) just started blinking as well as my clock (which keeps resetting itself when i turn the car off). I’ve noticed that whenever I go to brake that my headlights will dim. Also, sometimes my gauge cluster lights go dim and if I tap the cover they usually come back on. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?


First thing to do is to redo the main grounds, batt. post and cable clamp, batt. to chassis ground, [under batt.] and chassis to engine, [bracket on transaxel]
DO NOT just eyeball the connections, disconnect them, clean both contact surfaces, reconnect making sure they are tight.

You will also have to check/redo the dash harness grounds, the ones on the thermostat housing are very important so redo them and any ground you can find. 94