Weird Distributor Problem..I have searched for days!!!

What up G2IC. I have a weird problem with my old car (1990 GS). I have had this car for 4 years & not one problem like this happened. I sold it a couple of weeks ago 2 my friend @ work and now its not running!!! Ill give you a run down of what happened…

  1. Car started to make a squeeking/grinding sound fron the distributor area, ???..Hmmmm thinking 100% the bearing right
  2. Pulled the cap & rotor off and inspected.
  3. New cap & rotor goes on.
  4. Try to start… chugs runs rough for a couple and dies…hmm
  5. New coil goes in… No Run
  6. Known working distributor goes in w/ new coil, cap & rotor…No Run
  7. Pull plugs…worn to shit…
  8. New plugs go in… No Run
  9. Ran All tests on coil good , igniter good, fuel pump working, getting spark!! and smell fuel…!!! I need Help

Im really @ a loss right now with this car. I also have a 1994 GSR that has never gave me a problem like this either.Both cars has been nothing but good 2 me for 4-5 years, no real big problems!!! Big Up Teggies!!!

throwing any codes??? good place to start

3 things a car needs to run. Spark, Fuel, Air

Are you sure that it isn’t throwing any spark? Have you pulled a plug out and checked for a spark? There are spark testers and inductive timing guns at the auto parts store as well.