Weird engine light (b16)

Hoping one of you guru’s could help me out. I have searched but didnt find anything, i have a b16 in my 1992 integra gs, which is causing me headaches due to the OBD differences, i have the origional OBD 1 injectors and distributor from my ls motor on the b16. Anyway when ever i hit 6000+ in 3rd or 4th i blow an engine light and i can feel the power drop away, almost feels like when u hit a speed limiter… it only does it in 3rd or 4th (never tried 5) any ideas.

Oh and i have a 4 wire o2 sensor welded into my downpipe with a bung, and a obd1 computer. any help would be greatly appreciated as im getting tired of not running the teggy to near her potential. Thanks

Oh and the light goes off and power returns when i turn the car off and on again?

what ecu are you running?

I think its a p30? it came of a 92+ b16 (the one with 170)

just out of curiousity… are using ur b18 injectors better then using the b16 ones… ???

cause theyre obd 1, i was wondering if this could be one of the reasons or maybe its my 02 sensor, anybody?

isnt the 92 teg obd1? and your motor is obd1? I dont understand why there would be obd problems?

Check your timing, and I’m guessing its a knock sensor - throwing a code. With a VTEC motor, when you throw a CEL, it disables the aggressive lobe on the VTEC camshafts, thus you feel a loss in power…

Pull the code from the ECU and get back to us.

riiight well the code doesnt save in the ecu when i turn the car off, only blows and then when i turn the car back on its all good again and doesnt seem to remember blowing a code, im thinking it could be a dirty o2 sensor would that make sense?

It does save the code - but the CEL will turn off on the dash.

Check the teg tips on how to pull the code from the ECU. The CEL doesnt have to be on. Once it throws the code, its stored in the system.

Everytime i tried to get the code it didnt save for me, but i went and blew it and checked it right away and it worked(ish) according to this i have two long bleeps, so i would assume 11 and then a long pause followed by two more long beeps and quickly 2 short ones, so i assume 22. If thats correct then what the hell is 11 and could “vtec Malfunction” be any more vauge… any ideas? Oh and why would it only blow in 3 and 4 gear anyway?

20 and 22. does it crossover into vtec in all the other gears???and does ur speedometer work?

yes and yes. it pulls up to the point where this cel hits and then disables the vtec, confusing and starting to annoy me, at least its still good in 1 and 2 if i have to rev that high in 3rd considering that i still have my ls tranny in im already going pretty fast. Stil want to get this sorted though

I get the same thiing when I beat on the ole’ grey goose… 20 is your ELD (which DA’s don’t have) so u can disable it with a chip… or u can find a fusebox that has an ELD and hook it up.
… and 22 is the vtec oil pressure switch… Which I have also dealt with… You got 2 options there too… you can either wire in the sensor and hope that it goes away (also check the sensor and make sure it’s good)
OR you can say screw it and just groudn the wire that comes from the ECU to the sensor. (How the sensor works is that the ECU sends a signqal out to the sensor, and when oil pressure is present, the sensor connects it to ground, to tell the ecu: “HEY… I GOT OIL PRESSURE IN MUH HEAD Y0!”
So the safest thing to do would be get the sensor working, but to get you through in a bind (like when you’re at the track and VTEC is no workie-workie because code 22) ground that wire anywhere on the car and no more 22.

I get the same stuff with my p28 (almost the same as p30)… exact same situation. I remember during the summer when I was at the track I’d get into 3rd and the ELD CEL would come on… I’d finish the race, turn the car off, then back on and no more CEL.


BTW, in case u didn’t know the Vtec Oil pressure sensor is the big green sensor that sticks out under the vtec solenoid (it’s like, one big piece, u got the solenoid sticking up, and right under that big round thing is the green sensor I’m talking about.) Right beside the exhaust cam seal. if ya need a pic LMK.


Great thats just what i needed thanks alot.