weird idle problem

well my car has been having a weird idling problem ever since i got it started up the other day. it varies from 2k rpms to about 2600 rpms, going up then down. it usually does this after it has been sitting for a minute. today my friend disconnected a vaccum hose on the MAP sensor, and the car seemed to idle better (just a little low). would this be a bad map sensor? what would driving with the vaccum line disconnected do?

Also, I have been having a problem starting the car. Originally i thought there was a short in the system, and the battery kept dying. but after reading up on this map sensor issue i heard resetting the ECU usually fixes it for the moment. is it possible the battery isnt dying, its just the map sensor? im going to do a little more testing tomorrow.

it is a b16 block with a b17a head. only CEL is a 22 which i think is the vtec malfunction but that a whole nother issue.

the helm manual has an excellent troubleshooting section.

i dont have a helms handy or i would have checked it out…can you help me out at all?

i posted the link for a reason. :wink: