Weird noise coming through speakers~~~~~~

Has anyone had some weird noise like duh… duh duh duh, duh duh duh…duh… duh duh duh. come out of all their speakers while the radio is on? It happens in both of our GSRs and I really can’t imagine what it is. When it happens I can turn down the volume and it gets quieter too.

It sounds like the aliens are coming!!!:shock:

Sounds like you have whats called “noise.” This usually happens when the metal inside the speaker wire is touching some other metal on the car. You can usually fix this by purchasing some product that makes it noise-free. I cant remember what exactly its called though.

If its not that, then it is probably your antenna wire. Try re-wiring it from the unit head to the antenna. It should clear problems. If it doesnt i dont know what else it could be…

If you have an amp installen in the trunk, you might have run the power cable too close to your head unit

if you have a amp i don’t know but i’m sure the same principle follows. the connection of the wires to your speakers is not plug in correctly… it is prob hitting some parts of the casing of the speakers which will no doubt cause dub dub dubs.

Her radio is stock and mine has aftermarket with amp and subs and they both make that noise. WTH?

is the dubbbbbbbb long or is it like dub dub??? does it happen to all the stations??? if you play cd and no dubb then it’s not the wiring, i would say something with the atenna, which is possible in my opinion. If it only happen to certain stations then it could just be bad reception, if it is all the stations then… atenna would be my conclusion. I would check the connection between the Deck and the atenna signal. try listening to radio and put your hands on the atenna (get another guy) and see if you can hear any diff, if you don’t then its wiring between deck and wires, if you do then it’s just the atenna itself… blah this is a mess i hope you see all the methodes of testing and resoning. BTW Amerikan I luv your car and I luv you!! (as a friend, i’m a guy)

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s not a dub, it’s a duh, duh duh duh.
Real sharp like as if there is some sort of power surge or something. We were driving with the tape player on and it did it as well.:inlove:

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BTW Amerikan I luv your car and I luv you!!

haha no comment

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haha no comment [/B]

Tony, jealousy will get you nowhere!

you get my brotherly love too tony, when i see some more pics of your car =P