Weird Noise...

Whenever i take a semi-hard right turn, i get this weird noise coming from the back left hand side of my car. It sounds like its coming from somewhere around the tire. The nois is like someone is wiping a squeegie(sp?) across my hood, or like someone cleaning a window with windex.

Anyway, it doesnt sound very good. I figure its something with my suspension, could it be my bushings??

hey, do you have 17"s rims by any chance on your car when you hear this?

Reason I ask is because after gettin tired of looking at my 17"s in the garage I decided to put them on. After I did, I now get this high pitched metallic squeek from the driver’s side rear. I jacked the car up but cannot find where metal could be touching. But, it only happens when the 17"s are on. They are the right offset and everything. I just think my car is wack.

Hope you find out whats wrong. :up: :smiley:


nope, sorry, rollin on stocks…


Is it like a squeak? I get that too, and it’s being caused by the rear hatchback rubber spacers. When you corner, the chassis twists and causes the body and hatch to move in different directions therefore causing the annoying squeak. I haven’t been able to fix the squeak other than adjusting the rubber stoppers.

ahh, that sounds like thats the problem…

another noise appeared about the same time as this one did, whenever i back out of my driveway, or some other incline, it sounds like the back of my chasis is going to cave in… could that be related??

i had that problem whenever i came to redlights in jax, fl… then i realized it was just someone cleaning my windows…

Rubberspacers??? what are those cause i have this problem now and i want it to go away!

Hot tip on hatchback squeaks

After being annoyed by the squeaks coming from the rear of my 92, and getting various opinions from mechanics, I got the answer from the service manager at my Acura dealer. The squeaks come from the contact points on the hatchback door where they connect with the body. The cure? A thick silicone-based goop called Dow Corning 111. I got a tube from Parts, smeared it on all the contact points, and it was a miracle, I tell ya, a friggin’ silent miracle. After about a month, I started getting a little squeak back, hit all the points with some extra, and there is silence again. Hallelujah! Total amount used out of the tube so far is about an inch, so I’ve got enough to last another 300,000 miles or so. Anybody know how I can get this into Teg Tips?