weird noise????????????

Hey guys I need help ergently. My car started to make some really weird noise today in the morning. I narrowed it down to the front passenger side of the car. It is a very awkward noise that I have not heard come from my car umtill today. Its not a sound like a vavle or injector. Im thinkin it might be the axel on that side. I put the car up on bricks and tried seeing if it would turn or not. the dirverside axel spins put not the passengerside. could this be my problem??? please help.

btw: the noise only haopens when my car is moving in second or third gear. it doesnt happen at high speeds or when it is in nuetral.

something similar happens to me… but on the driver side… it sounds like a squeeky one… like if something is not oiled… or maybe not… ill have to check next weekend:idea: