weird problem

ok heres another messed up thing happening to me …i put my car together about a month or so now i put wheels on it last week and one of the rims were flat …so i took the car around the block with the flat and it felt/sounded like my wheel was gna fall off…i filled it up and still the same thing. so i bought new rims (with new tires) today and i put them on my car and still the same thing…it feels like the tires is gna fall offf wen im goin rolling and wen i speed up it get worse …my suspension is tight , ball joint are good could it be the drivetrain?

wheel bearing

ive had a bad wheel bearing before and this aint a wheel bearing for sure …u cant even drive the car …

jack the front of the car up, put it in gear and let it go, then watch and see if you can see anything wobeling or making noise. it could be a axle, or bearings in the tranny

u get the new wheels balanced?

yea there all balanced and thats wat i did today i just up the car and put it in gear w/o the wheels on but i didnt see anything strange or hear anything…and i got brand new axels

u do it with the wheels attached and off the ground? maybe something is bent. try and eye it and see if ur toe is pretty close to straight.

i did it without the wheels on and off the floor … so i got to do it wit the wheels on?

yea give that a try. could be ur axles.

from underneath the car the left axel was making noise…i replaced the left axel and now it is fine…damn autozone the axel was brand new too i dont know y it was messed up…but now it runs smooth

sigh there’s ur problem, u got it from autozone. colin still doubts me on this, but many others can back me up, the autozone ones are 1" shorter than oem. i am rocking an autozone driver side axle, it always dislocates on me whenever i remove the lower ball joint from the lca, but i know how to hook it back up without taking it completely off, so its no biggy.

but yea if i were u just take that autozone axle back, return it… and buy one from like napa or advanced auto parts or something.