Weird squeek/rubbing noise while turning...

I have a 1991 RS 5pd, 297k

i recently had the steering rack and front axles replaced AND had an alignment done. so I am stumped.

when I take a turn kinda fast, like you would through a yellow, I hear this rubbing noise from the front. It sounds like it is coming from my steering wheel area. The alignment wasn’t THAT well done or else i need new tires i suppose, but i thought this would fix it. The turning noise persist, and i also hear a rubbing from the back, like a metal rubbing, it goes away on acceleration or when i mess with the steering wheel a little. This was more noticeable before the alignment.

Does anyone know what this is? It’s embarassing when you have a lady in the car, i can blast my music when I’m by myself naturally:rockon:

Check level of power steering fluid, and look for evidence of leaks from the power steering pump pulley.

i shall but the steering is working fine. I am more concerned with the sound from the back of the car, like a metalllic rubbing. it does not seem to affect performance, what could this be? Like could it be my brake pads even though the brakes feel fine and dont sound when i press the pedal?

sometimes if my car has been sitting for more than a few days i will hear the rear brake pads running over the spot on the rotor that they were clamped onto while the e-brake was up, it goes away if you pull the e-brake and let it drag across the rotor a little.

i also have bad rear trailing arm bushings and i get a slight metal on metal screech when i am under sustained high grip turns (max grip for more than 2 or 3 seconds)

with 297k miles i would go ahead and replace those RTA bushings and see how that works out

Also check the back breaks and dust shelled. Look to see if the tires are rubbing the plastic fender liner. How low is the car? Might be the mud flap as well.

What does the rubbing noise sound like up front? Is it like a squeak?

its a squeak but not metallic sounding, like a noisey old cart in a warehouse being pushed.

I assume my fluid for the steering was refilled when my rack was replaced but if i check my fluid and it could use some, can i use the Honda stuff whether he put it in or not? like can I mix them?

Well Killer try pushing down on that front end ,driver and passenger side, and see if you can hear the squeak.

Jack the car up and wiggle the tire up and down to see if its got some free play. It might be that as the rack was replaced,the axle nut was not tighten all the way down and so the sound you might be hearing could be the break rotor rubbing as you turn. Or its a wheel bearing going out on you.

I took a peak under the car, doesnt look like anything is rubbing. The noise really happens only when i have a passenger riding with me, not sure if this helps anything

Did you try pushing down on the front of the car and see if there is any noise?

It can very well be the mudflap rubbing, you might have a shock going out and so the passenger side leans more as you turn

oh the shocks are def making noise, i have some dips in my driveway and you can def hear em, but this is a newer noise.

I have the day off but theres 2 feet of snow outside and its still coming so I can’t go out and play with it

added some power steering fluid, the turning is fine now. I guess thats what it was.

i still have the sound in the back though. it goes away when i break and even if I’m creeping in like 5mph in neutral i still hear it. when I’m driving it sounds a lot like the high pitch metal noise you get when you bouncing up and down on an old bed frame and its squeaking ya know?


There is a metal shield that goes around the strut, that might be bent and it might be rubbing on the strut. Mine is.

How would i check this with jacking the car up? The mechanic that did a recent alignment told me to just drop it off so he could look at it but this wont be till likely friday.

The shop couldnt take the wheel off to look at it but said something was hanging in my drivers front brake area. Perhaps a caliper? They said this is why it stopped when i hit my brakes its just rubbing there, hanging most likely, I’m gonna try and do this myself if thats the case cuz he’s kinda expensive for me.

does caliper sound like the problem, I’m not sure I’d be able to tell just by looking or knowing how becuase i can’t drive it while the wheel is off obviously.

anyone had this problem?