Weird throttle response

When its cold and I let off the gas a little the hole car jerks… and sends me flying forward… and when i tap the gas it hella puts my in the seat… Its like super sensitive. The rpm also goes up and down from 1.2k-2.1k or after i drive it hard and when its warm it idles at 1200k. What is wrong?


Do you have a cold air intake and did you not use the vacuum line going to the thing on the intake manifold? Basically, did you remove/block off or take off something iwtha vacuum hose on it off of the intake manifold. If so you may have diasabled a part that causes the throttle valve (i think thats the name) to close more slowly under deceleration so that you car doesn’t jerk like you said… MusicIsAir is my screenname, i may remember the parts names later…i’m sure there are other people who know the names. I have pictures of it i think, so IM me if you want them.