weird vibration problem... don't know where to post this at

first i had a problem with busting axles so i took my friend’s advice and changed the half-frame that the the steering system is bolted up to. after changing it, the axle boot still stretches but not as much, but you can kinda feel the bearings through the boot. i took the car out for a test drive and everything seemed ok, but there is a weird vibration now when i go over a dip, or make a left turn. i’m not exactly sure where it’s coming from. at first i though it was coming from the passenger side tire area, then i thought it was coming from the middle, where the half and the driver’s side axle meet. the vibration is only feel when the car is going to the left or when the car dips up and down. anyone have a clue what is going on???

Check your lug nuts first (sounds stupid, but seriously… it happens.) and then check your passenger side wheel bearings. Not sure what else it would be, unless one of the axles popped out a little bit or something?