Well i think motor died.. :( bearings or rod

Well after a $3,000 build up almost and countless hours and only 20,xxx miles i think my motor died

see i was driving and CEL 9 came on then my car would sputter then it drove horrable then wouldnt start. some people said it was the dist. So i replaced the dist 2 weeks later and it started and the CEL went away. I noticed i was low on oil so i filled up. Let it sit a few min. And then drove around. I heard a knockin at about 3k or so, so i drove around for a min low rpms and stoped and looked under the hood. It sound liked from the head when i inspected (being nieve hoping not a rod i guess) Well i decided to drive to my other house (15 miles away and i have a garage at that one). So im driving home and the knocking is getting louder and louder. After a while the car is very slow would dipped down in idle and stuff. Then the oil light comes on! So im about 5 min from home and i didnt think it was gonna make it. Its jerkin alittle and knocking really really bad. Its super loud. And if i let it in neutral it would die and really would only go like 20 mph. well finally i got to the house put in neutral as pulling in driveway and it died. and it wont start now, it cranks very slowy and softy a few times then doesnt even attempt to nemore.

so im guessing i threw a rod or spun a bearing? :sad: I would never of thought i would throw a rod esp having the motor built up…

shitty huh

Well, driving it like that probably did a lot of damage to that motor, I call for a rebuild. Replace what is broken.

im not rebuildin… i dont have the time or the money

i think im gonna part the car out or see if someone will buy it as it is