Wet Okole Seat Covers

Does anyone know anything about wet okole seat covers? Do they have padding? Are they good with regard to wear ? Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have any first-hand experience, however, since they’re made out of neoprene, they should be pretty wear-resistant. During my last several trips to Oahu, it’s hard not to notice that this type of seatcover is in practically one out of every two cars on the island–guess that’s a testament to their popularity.

When the fabric in my seats start to wear out, instead of having them reupholstered, I plan on ponying up the dough for a custom set myself.

custom? how much?

vinyl covers are definitely at the top of my want list, but once it hits 500 i can just get it done in leather (hookup =P)

Well I think they’re popular there because that’s where they’re based. Shipping must be a bitch. But I did some checking around on Ebay to see if I can find any, and there’s a picture of a set that’s been “in the Arizona Sun” for a while. Thing is faded pretty bad. I plan on getting the Light grey interior with black sides as a result. Not much fading can go on there.

I’d really like to know how they feel though. Extra padding would be great on the 12 year old seats.

Just took a look at those Wet Okole seats on ebay; I didn’t think they’d fade like that. :frowning: I would’ve gotten all black, but now I’m not sure if they’re worth getting at all. It “looks” as if the back and seat areas are padded.

As for shipping, I’ve been by the shop in Hawaii, but I believe they’re actually distributed from California.

(A bit of trivia: Most “Hawaiian” products are not even made in Hawaii because of high manufacturing costs. For example, some of the Hawaii-packaged chocolate-covered macadamia nut candies come from Cali and those seashells tourists pay top dollar for are imported from the Philippines.)

Oh and if you didn’t know, “okole” means “ass” in Hawaiian. :slight_smile:


Yup, Okole means butt. I was born and raised in Hawaii, just moved to VA when I joined the Navy.
Anyway, I had Wet Okole’s on my jeep and loved them. I could wash the mud right out. I have seen one guy put them in his Scirocco. The car was yellow and he had yellow/black covers. Looked pretty good, but IMO Wet Okole covers belong in Offroad Vehicles and Beach Mobiles.
Yeah you do see them in a lot of cars there. Those and the “Aloha” print covers from Local Motion, HIC, etc.
One last note, I did notice that they grip your “Okole” pretty good, non-slip.

Ho Braddahs!

Aloha and wassup’ to all da Boyz!

Plenny of my friends dat I surfed wit’ had Wet Okoles in their cars… super good for surf mobiles b/c they are waterproof and they are easier to clean the sand off of.

Ty - you are right, brah - they fade for sure… But they look sweet when still new - shouldn’t fade as bad if you don’t live in Hawaii or Cali… My friend had the blue and white hibiscus pattern in his CRX - looked sweet in HI, but would prob look weak here in the NW…

Oh yah, I think NFULLFX is right… Wet Okole is made/distributed in Kakaako, in a shop over on Queen Street (by the old Lion Coffee and Kimura Fishing Rods shops)… but, like you said Ty, its just a matter of time before they follow Hawaiian Host, Kings Hawaiian bread, and Primo beer to the mainland :mad:

'Kay, shoots, just couldn’t resist saying hows’it to the braddahs from da Aina!


Well if they’re gonna fade like that I might has well forget about shelling out the $475 for em. I’m in South FL so the UV really gets ya down here. That really sucks though. I mean for BEACH seat covers they should not fade at all!!! That’s what they’re made for! I better just spend the extra money and re-do the entire interior in pleather.

im pretty sure they have a supplier in mainland coz i talked to them once. and guess what… most of them are made from mainland…