what are the sizes of interior light bulbs?

I’m wondering if someone can help me figure out what type of bulbs are in the various parts of the interior?

Specifically I’m most curious about the location right above radio in the center console. I had to take out the center console dash panel when I was adding an iPod adapter to my stereo. During the remove I noticed a missing bulb in this little black plastic thing between the two upper screws on the panel. I had no idea that was actually supposed to light up before.

Another thing that would be helpful would be the size and location of the glove box light. I’m pretty sure mine isn’t working. So these along with the instrument cluster, gauge lights, and whatever other ones I can’t thinkg of… would be interesting to find out about.

Check here


For the gauge cluster:
2 194s 3 if you include the low gas light
3 74s
2 74 for the top light bar

Climate Control
1 74 for the bulb behind fan speed/temp
2 74 for the zone selection

1 74 for the ashtray
1 74 for the cigarette lighter

Dome light is a 3022

Map and glovebox lights are 194

For the dash switches, I believe the bulb size is the T3 Neo-Wedge

What about the ones by the arrow in the picture?

Probably a 74 huh?

I found this over at Team Integra :

Generation Two(1990-1993)

Headlight (high & low beam): 9004
Parking Light: 3652
Front Turn Signal: 1156
Rear Turn Signal: 1156
Tail Light: 2057
Brake Light: 2057
3rd Brake Light: 1156
Fog Lights: H3-55w
License plate: 67
Reverse Light: 1156
Front sidemarkers: 168
Rear sidemarkers: 168,194
Glove box: 194
Map Light: 194
Dome Light: DE3022, DE3423
Courtesy Light: DE3423
Trunk Light: 194
Instrument Lights: 1895, 53, 74

Hi-beam: 74

Seat Belt:74

Brake Warning: 53

automatic transmission: 53

Turn Signal: 53

Could the light about the car stereo be a 1895 bulb? or 53? or 74? or is it possibly a 194? The “Courtesy Lights” are the two push button ones on the ceiling right? Where is the “Map Light” located then?


Heres the site I use for replacing lights on my car. It’s got everything. I think.

Are there bulbs for the buttons below the cluster? (hazard button, mirror button, fog light button etc)?

which one on ebay do i order for LED license plate light bulbs? i was thinking its these but im unsure