What are these called?

I am wanting some speaker mounting places like the one in the pic below but I don’t know what they are called I know they aren’t kick panels cause those are the ones by the fuse box. Also could someone point me to where I can buy them?

I hope DarkDB1 doesn’t mind but I stole his pic

Damn, DarkDB1s getting hoe’d out in 2 separate Threads in the same day.
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door pods.

you would be better off making your own, rather than trying to buy them…

go ask at your local stereo shop.
maybe a couple hundred, depending what you want them covered with (ie matching vinyl).

As IWannaBKyle said, “door pods” or custom door panels, custom door plates, custom door mounts and any number of other things, and although there are “pre-built” kick panel pods, I don’t know of anyone making them for the doors.

Let me ask you this, are you doing it for looks or because the speakers you are installing need that much room? Keeping in mind, the “door pods” you link us to, may be custom speaker cabinets, [they look big enough]. :hmm: 94

I’m not neccessarily looking for something that big. I would just like to get a midrange speaker in that area. I’m just looking for more if there is a prebuilt thing i can buy or if i have to do custom

Those are old styled Q-form door pods.The company no longer makes those ,cause their out of business since the mid 90’s.They were built for having a three way component speaker system.

Out of business ?? :tapfing: http://www.qlogic.ws/2003/home/ they look like they are still in business to me. :shrug: 94

tegguy what size of a mid do you want to install?

The stock speaker is a “standard” 6.5", there is enough room in the door to install an “over-sized” 6.5" speaker, up to one that has a 5.25" mounting hole diameter, and about a 3" mounting depth, and still use the stock grill.

Although, with the use of a “spacer/adapter ring” and some mods to the stock speaker housing, [cutting the back off], an “over-sized” 6.5" can be installed, a much better way is to replace the stock plastic speaker housing with a custom MDF speaker housing, [made to fit the speaker you are installing] much better SQ, and better bass response. :whisper:94

Base responce isn’t really to big I have a sub in the back. I have some good low range speakers and some tweeters so I thought if i added a midrange somewhere around that location I would get some good equal sound quality

Yes Q-logic has a line called Q-forms,but Q-form was its own entity before it was aquired but Q-logic.Beside the point this company "use to make these pods"not anymore.