What bushings

I got the ES bushing kit, and it seems to me like it didnt come with a lot of the bushings id have liked to have. I thought that it came with all control arm bushings and such, it didnt even have the shock mount bushings. I’m thinking wtf?

Did ES give me the most important bushings in this kit? Am I missing anything important?

The hyperflex kit should include everything except:
-trailing arm bushings
-shifter bushings (or ARE they in there?.. I can’t remember)
-motor mounts
-rear upper control arm bushings
-rear compensator arm bushings

Other than that, I think everything else is included

I agree that they should include more in the “full” kit, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. I suggest you get OEM rear upper control arm bushings, and buy the ES trailing arm bushings or get the OEM civic bushings as suggested in the gigantic thread in GD.

it did include shifter bushings, I’ll check the kit again and get back on if it includes the shock bushings or not…

I know mine had shock bushings. I assume you’re talking about the ones that go on the shock rod where it sits in the shock mount? Those were definitely in mine, along with the bushings for the control arms where the shocks mount to it.

those are what i have.

by saying shock bushings i mean the lca bushing where the shock connects to the lca.

the lca bushings are 3pc bushings. There are 2 urethane pieces – press one in from each side of the control arm (you can do this by hand), and then a metal bushing slides inside them.
Sorry, I’m on a 26.4kbps dial-up right now so it would take 20 mins for those pics to load. lol

there are only two metal peices in the whole kit if that gives you an idea

How can you say there’s only two metal pieces? Your second pic shows all the metal pieces right in the middle. And the first pic shows the metal washers and nuts for the front endlink.

It seems to look like a complete set. It has all the lower control arm bushings

K, i finally let the pics load.

I agree that it’s the full kit. To help you understand what each piece is for, take everything out of the packaging and look at the numbers on each piece. Then compare that to the master list shown in the other pic. Some things (metal bushings) don’t have numbers on them, but you should be able to figure out where they go by comparing them to the urethane pieces.

thanks for the help, by metal peices i meant the bushing part, not the sleeve that goes inside the bushing. Ill lay it out when i get the suspension out, prior to taking it to a machine shop.

The ES bushings don’t have metal rings, just the sleeve and bushing itself.