What Cams To Get???????

I was planning on getting cams for my B18A an was just wondering which one to get. Any reccomendations???

I’m happy with my crower 404s. It has a rough idle, sounds like a V8, but gives a big power increase. I got them from crower for $700, which includes the cams, dual valve springs, and titanium retainers.

Can you try to explain the big power difference. Maybe in hp or something like that!!!

90whiteGS, got any dyno runs?

i just bought some custom JG cams…from their R&D…
i havent tried them yet. need to do a few more things first.

BR’s running JG cams, u might ask him how he likes them.

I liked the Crower 403’s. Once I tuned them, the idle was very smooth. The crower 404’s would be great also, the idle is just a tad lumpy, but can be tolerated.

No dyno runs yet, I want to get my ported intake manifold, and a chipped ecu on. But the 404’s pull hard from 3000 til when i have to shift at 6800, just before rev limiter.

Is it safe to run about 8000 rpms on a stock ls motor with a chip? I was thinking about 404’s with a port polish head and a chipped ecu with rev limit at 8500.

i think you’ll need to upgrade your rods and balance your crank if you wanna safely run higher redline.

well i was really considering JG 301’s and wanted to know if anyone had any input on them… maybe compared to the crower 403’s or 404’s as stated above… let me know

Don’t know about the JG’s but I have the crower 403’s w/T-Retainers and Dual Valvue springs, and I like them a lot. They feel pretty good. As far as numbers:

140.# hp
111.# tq

All at the wheels, I have i/h/e cams/cam gears, fpr, race cat, dyno tunned, I thinks that’s about all the performance stuff I have in it.

Although I like this stuff and it was fun to do, I would have prefered to save my money and do a engine swap for the money I have spent and I would have a stronger/faster car.

I’ve run JG 301’s before and they’re pretty mild. Descent pull, smooth idle. But they are regrinds versus the Crowers.
JG’s 333 cams are pretty wicked. Real lumpy idle, but pull very hard up to redline. My friend ran them not me. But once again, they’re regrinds. I’d go with Crower.
I’d like to hear about Web cams. I know they made good VW cams.

Oh, I also ran a set of Gude cams, real mild, perfect idle, but pulled real hard from about 5000 up. Loved them, but the cams were in my car when I bought it and I never found a part number. Used them about two years and then the intake cam cracked in half when I was re-installing them. DAMN IT, IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!