What cams would give best hp increase in B16A?

If you say type R or another stock cam, please tell me how to ID the cam if I see it that way I don’t buy a set of DX civic cams. (yes I know the DX civic has 1 cam) :wink:

Also, I want to replace the cam gears at the same time. Would I buy cam gears to match the cams or just a set for a B16A?

If these are rookie questions, I’m sorry. Just didn’t know. :slight_smile:

well, you have many options. The best bang for the buck mod would be some itr or ctr cams. If you have more to spend, then some jun’s or toda’s would be great.

here is how you can identify some of the cams: http://tiiite.b16a.com/VtecCams.htm

as for the cam gears: all b series cam gears will work just fine.

Wow, that website was a big help…

Just make sure you get the proper valvetrain to work with those bigger cams or else you can end up with damaged valvetrain components!

So is that something I would have to do to use the R cams, or just the larger Spoon or Toda? Thanks for your help!