What can I do to a 91 LS engine?

Hea guys and gals,

I’m doing engine work on my car 91 LS Auto and I’m wondering what I can do to the engine while I have it torn down. What can I add to a stock engine to make more power? Can I add new cams and springs or upgrade the ignition? What is the advantage of cam sprockets?

Anything you can tell me will help, Thanks

It all depends on what you want.
Honda has a good ignition system. No need to change that unless turbo or nitrous. Valve springs are not needed unless you raise the redline. Which means that you would have to chip the ecu to raise the rev limiter and camshafts. Some people are happy with the crower 403’s, 404’s or colt camshafts. Cam sprockets and adjustable fpr are helpful for tuning.

I had CAI, dc 4-2-1 header, MSD ignition (box, cap, wires, blaster coil), crower 403’s, b&m adjustable fpr, and skunk2 cam sprockets tuned at +2 intake, -2 exhaust. It was fun, but not what I was looking for. I felt that the b18a was a poor platform go naturally aspirated on.


What about changing the head.

Can I do that to make more power? If so What head do I wanna use?

Try contacting XDEep. I believe he has a 90-91 auto with 95 non-vtec head. You should make better power with a 92+ head. Slightly better stock cams and intake manifold.