What Clutch Cable To Get

Whats up guys, right now I’m in the process of doing a AUTO to MANUAL swap on my 92 DA. Im stuck on either purchasing ATP clutch cable or GRIPFORCE clutch cable. Ive tried searching for reviews about the GRIPFORCE clutch cable but no luck. Ive seen mixed reviews on the ATP and it is being sold by most of the local auto parts store. Yes I do see a price difference but I would like to get one that’s reliable. Acura/Honda does not sell the clutch cable anymore (if they did then I wouldn’t be on here asking). If anyone could guide me into the right direction, it will be much appreciated. (I will be starting a build thread soon!!!)

GRIPFORCE Clutch Cable

ATP Clutch Cable

Are you looking for a oem? I might have a spare one in the garage. Let me know we can work something out with PayPal.

I would like an OEM clutch cable if its not worn out or doesn’t have any cracks on it.

Ok I can send you pictures. Have an email?


Email sent!