What color are the injector clips in a 92-93 teg?

I just picked up a 93 with a obd0 b16 swap. The injector clips are tan which makes me think its not the original wiring.

My injector clips are gray

gray. Looks like he went 0bd0 with the swap, which is fucking dumb if you ask me since the car is obd1

not only dumb, but illegal in the states.

wierd thing is that it still runs the obd1 distributor plugs, everything looks uncut

edit- will obd1 injectors plug into an obd0 clip

no they wont, as far as I know. I think he re-wired the injector clips to use with his obd0 injectors.

no a obd0 injector will not plug into a grey clip and also the other way around. what i think he did was use the injectors from the b16 motor and soldered and spliced into the obd1 harness for the old skool injector clips PRESTON I AGREE WITH U

or used the wiring harness and injectors from the obd-1 ls and hooked it all up to the B16 most of the connections are the same.

I followed the injector wiring and its uncut nor are the §§§§§ plugs which are grey. Definately weird…