What color is this g2?

Is this car Melbourne Blue metallic or is it a different color…thanks for the help

it looks like Superior Blue Metallic, code B-47M, to me, but that car has been repainted because that was only offered on the 90 4drs tegs i think maybe 91’s but not sure

go check out www.PaintScratch.com they all of the colors listed there with the paint chip colors

i made a thread earlier last week with most of the OEM paints and codes http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=114384

HTH man

I had always thought it was melbourne blue metallic, but a friend painted his car mbm and it turned out more gunmetalish

The colors on paintscratch don’t really show what the color really looks like. I found that car on here quite some time ago cuz i thought it looked good

That color looks awesome…it looks silver, but with a blue tint to it, looks great

please dont show that color to my girlfriend!! i wanna keep my rio red :slight_smile:

Taat’s B-50M - Melbourne Blue Metallic

Here’s mines


i can feel the turbo only by looking at your bumper :slight_smile:

:clap: I feel it everyday :rockon:

Back on topic. I love the colour. looks aweomse in day and night. I paly on repainting my car sometime and that’ll jsut be to stock colour again. Its just too rare and nice to pass up for a factory G2 colour

:drool: You have such a nice clean car.

thats not a stock color everyone. thats chris’s car. i already asked about his color a few years back, and its for him to tell. hopefully he sees this thread.

wasn’t it jsuta variation of MBM tho. name was DAKINE or something? orw as it Synsei…

Thanks alot :slight_smile: :rockon:

nope, def not a variation, completely different color from a different japanese automaker. yes his new name is DA KINE. hes usually on HT.

it looks simliar to Crystal Blue Metallic from the prelude, if he doesnt release the color…ill be going with crystal blue

it’s a toyota color. this is chris’s car (dakine).

Thank’s for pointing this out so I can chime in. The secret is out, it is a Toyota color:

Here’s the story:

To confirm, it’s not Melbourne Blue Metallic, it’s simple silver blue metallic (don’t you just love the simplicity of 80’s naming conventions?).

math labs (we-“todd”-did) and qwkteg125 should know :wink:

BTW, please don’t steal my pix (Jimmy 0wned!):

(That was the day we met Schu…memories!)

luis, you have such a big mouth…now, there will be more silver blue DA’s…ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


hey hey, i didn’t give out any color codes or names, i just said toyota.

give the ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to chris, he gave the specfic color and car it came from

so ehhhhhhhhhh.


now to decide between this and crystal blue metallic…

what year and model toyota is that car?