what color is this?

what color is that on the light blue Da in mid page?? its oem or custom?


its saxony blue metallic. i have it on my 92 teg and its factory.

color code is b-56m

WOW! thanks man ima paint mine like that too is in the shop now.

there are 2 different blue cars on that page.
One is the saxony blue, and the other looks like melbourne blue.

yea i was talking about the one with the tanabe exhaust posted by Stevo-DA

that’s Saxony blue . :slight_smile:

oohh! i was talking about the other light blue posted by davidhtam

help! im gonna by the paint tommorow.

im pretty sure its custom im not 100% sure

I think might eyes ( or my monitor at work ) might be messing with me but, isn’t davidhtam’s DA colored silver? Oh well. Don’t quote me on this but, I think the 99 Prelude had a color similar to his. I think it was called Nordic Mist Metallic / B-83M or was it Crystal Blue Silver Metallic / B-91M. I could be wrong though. Anyway, check out both and see if you like them.