What do I do to find out if I have a 93-GSR transmission?

I know that you cannot tell by the number or YS-1 code on the transmission, but what do I do to check the gearing on the GSR tranny?

I have to take the transmission off, then what? How many teeth are supposed to be on the FD (final drive) gear, and where is the FD gear?

well a good way to test without dissassembling your transmission is to tell us what rpm’s and in what gears your car is at. for instance, if in 5th gear at 75 mph you’re at about 4000rpm++, you more than likely have a YS1 gsr transmission. What motor is this mated to?


B17A complete swap.

yeah ask or email someone with a 92-93 gsr ask them what there rpm is in a certain gear and a certain speed and then see if you match that. You will know if it isnt a GSr tranny it will be very different


i think if i remember what J. was talking about earlier, there teeth on the final drive has different number then a normal final drive(ls tranny)