what do i need for full msd setup?

does anyone have a site that has it for sale, and the exact parts n stuff to put msd on my 90 ls inetgra, the box, coil, cap whatever else is needed, thanks

The ignition, the cap, the external coil, the wire set… what else do you need? A trip to the shrink maybe? :giggle:

try optionsauto.com I just got my ignition setup from them. MSD SCI ignition, cap for external coil, Blaster SS coil, 8.5mm wires, and Denso iridium plugs. Hope it works out for you.

thank u for the info but ur an ass for the comment

there is a reason… what is the reason you are using an aftermarket ingnition? are you planning on racing? If not you may not really need a CD ignition or any other type… some say stock output is fine for even race applications. so I stand by my statement

you done need wires:)lol
you dont need external coil either

you can run the box with internal coil

thats true… so what set up are you talking aboot droopfoordoor? a full Capacitive Discharge ignition? some trigger fire set up? no a FULL MSD set up as per the title

heres a neat tip i found/been using for 1 year
works with obd1 distruaators:)


funny… they never fit my Td44u… and I tried that about 6 or 7 years go

is the 44 for gsr?
works great for ls engines

the msd 6a/6al box is the same as the sci box, just a different cover, msd rep told me this, I love my set up and it has done me fine.

thats an LS… the GSR runs a TD44U dist. and it does not fit. You have to run the MSD external coil cap #8292, that is the ONLY one that fits, unless you knwo how to make the modification yourself.

Can I just ask WHY?

why what? why does it not fit? because the cap mounting holes are in a different place. two wil go in one will not, so…

No… Why install an ignition “upgrade”?

Cause you aint the shit until you got one yo!

I have the 6al box, High Vibration Blaster 2 coil, Msd Dist. Cap, Msd Plug Wires, and Msd Rotor.

I think I asked that question earlier, but I hurt soemones feelings

Another Durrrtteee JeRzEe guy :roll:

fyi low to moderate boost setups and <11second all-motor setups use all stock honda ignition. good luck with your choice.