What do i need to replace to run Nitrous?

my original plan was to totally rebuild my b17a, but its looking way too expensive for the near future. this lead me to think about Nitrous. my engine is still running strong but has 175k on it. What would i need to replace on this engine to safely run Nitrous, say a 75 shot. i plan to atleast replace the seals and gaskets.

175 K on the motor?

Nitrous is a good thing, don’t listen to what people say about blowing motors or the such…if your responsible and you know how to use it then your engine can last just as long as someone elses that doesn’t use N20

Heres what you need at LEAST! :

*Stainless Steel Valves www.crower.com
*Titanium Valves (these cost a grip - $1026.00 - If you can afford, BUY EM
*NuFormz Block Guard www.racesearch.com

Thats about it for a 75 shot…to be safe…

Heres what you should think about gettin if you are going to up the ante of the NOS

*Crower Dual Valve Springs
*Crower Titanium Retainors
*Crower B18A/B Series Cams
*Rehone your Walls
*If no blockguard then RESLEEVE your motor…

Right now im runnin a 120 shot and Im beatin the hell outta Type-Rs, Wasting modded GS-Rs, and killing the American Muscle…