what do you think i should do..

ok once i pay my car off (couple months) i want to either take out another loan and do some major work to my car, 92 Teg LS or just sell it and get something faster.

so heres the deal… i dont know too much about cars… i can learn but not enough knowledge to do a motor sawp or stuff like that… There are 145,000 miles on my car and i want to go faster. I was thinking of either getting a motor swap done to it and put a turbo on or get a faster car like a gsx, tsi, or an old turbo supra. i need something turbo, thats a must.

so the question is, what do you think i should do? i heard about the reliability issues with the DSMs and i know honda’s last forever but i need something faster. would it be cheaper to just get a newer turbo DSM or do the motor swap and turbo charge my current integra… what would you guys do?

you should post in the turbo forum since thats the direction your going in.

Seeing how you cannot seem to spell the word “Swap” correctly, i don’t think you should even consider any internals or engine work :up:

Whatever you do dont take out a loan to pay for modifications.