What do you think of these calipers?

I dont know anything about OCI.


$20 bucks?

That’s a great deal, if they’re quality made.
Why dont you just try them out.

I already got spare front calipers, if they were rears, I’d pick em’ up.

Well you pay about $25 for shipping. Still it’s a good price if they’re good quality which is my question here.

My shipping quote is only $15 bucks for me, but if it’s front calipers you want, I got my old g2 calipers for sale.
They’re still good, You’ll probaly just wanna sand off the yellow paint and clean them up.
I swapped mine for some g3 front calipers. I dunno why, I just needed something to do.

Well I’m still doing some “looking around” to see what I can find online. Are yours in good shape or do they need to be rebuilt? Any pix?

Still in good shape, just need to be cleaned and remove yellow paint.
They still move nicely, no sticking or frozen. They’ll even come with some nice Metallic brake pads. LOL. I couldn’t use them on th g3 calipers.
I gotta pick em’ up, then I can take some pics. I wont have time until Sunday though. Just email me if you run out of options.

ok sunday is fine. I’ll keep looking. Price?

Say $50 shipped? That’s because you’re in Canada.

ok I’ll get back to you if I decide to get them. Then I’ll give you my postal code for a more precise quote if need be. Just don’t forget to take pix.

I had already bought a set a few weeks ago (haven’t installed yet). It cost me less than $15 for shipping. I just wish I could find some cheap rear ones. They look decent to me - just like any other rebuilt ones. The best part is you don’t even have to send in a core. I would think these would be the same as any other rebuilt caliper you would get from your local parts store. Unless you want to buy all of the seals and parts from Honda and rebuild a set of calipers yourself, I doubt you will get any better. They are cheaper than you could get from a junkyard - how can you go wrong?

Now the seller tells me that he doesn’t wanna ship to Canada. ah well…

I wish there were somebody brave enough to buy them, use them and report their findings. I need calipers bad but I dont wanna be the first one.

Well I went and bought this. Quite cheap.


LOL. $1 lousy buck.

See, that’s why I wont post mine on Ebay.
You win some, you lose some.

You got a great deal.

Almost as good as mine that I got off of Ebay.
98-01 acura integra brakes painted black (calipers,lines,rotors,pads) $30 shipped