what do you think of this deck?

Well, i needed something to replace the eclipse 4421 cassette deck i got in my gsr. I could have either added a changer or just got a new deck. I had a panasonic in my old teg (i dont know the model but it was the one with the blue sceen all the pictures on it… ) which i put in my javelin. Well, i wanted something different, but didnt want to spend a ton. I looked online on reviews, and checked out crutchfield and looked on ebay. I found this one on ebay, 125 bucks, brand new, and it has all the features i want (25 rms, sub control, automatic volume control, and amp preouts.) plus more. I looked at the reviews, and everything seemed positive, and you cant beat 125 bucks; especially since theyre like 299 in crutchfield.


theres the link…

I would add the Eclipse changer, it’s sound quality is going to be much better than the Blaupunkt.

That being said, if the Blaupunkt has everything you need and are looking for, go for it. It’s quite a cheap price, and since you’ve done your homework with the reviews, I think you’ll be alright.

I just put a new Blaupunkt San Jose model cd/mp3 player in my car this weekend. Mine has a 3rd set of preouts for my sub amp, but doesn’t allow you to adjust the sub volume independently of the music volume. Knowing that, I wouldn’t have bought it, but other than that I do like it. That ebay auction is from ikesound.com, which is where I just ordered 2 pairs of kappas from as well. If you don’t buy the deck off ebay and just order it from their website, you’ll get free shipping. thezeb.com sells the panasonic 572 cd/mp3 player for less than $200, I think would prefer that over the Blaupunkt that I bought.