what does "degree the cams" in mean?

how the machine shop said it would take about 2 hrs to perform!! how do you do this? TIA


it is an operation that should be done whenever your building a high performance motor. its done to check to make sure your cam is ground correctly. this is especially important if the engine has had the block decked or the head milled during build up process.

Some aftermarket cams are slightly off index so its important to “degree your cams” with a degree wheel indexed at zero with a pointer at TDC on the engines crankshaft and having a dial indicator on the valve. The engine is turned over in the direction of normal rotation until the valve is at about 90% of its lift, then continue to turn over until the cam spins over the top of the lobe until 90% lift point is met on the other side of the lobe. the degrees of the two points are added then divided by two. this will give you the lobe top center in crankshaft degrees of one cam.

there’s alot more to it than that, that’s just the basics. IMO this is very important but alot of people forget to do this when installing aftermarket cams/cam gears. So its a good thing that the shop is doing that for you.