what ecu runs the gen1 b16 the hardest!

which ecu will run the b16a1 the best horsepower wise and not too lean or rich… has to be obd 1… g2 gsr, p72, p30, and the p28 is sohc and would have to be chipped? any help is appreciated and if you have any of the above and wold like to sell or trade for non obd pr3 injectors and distributor let me know… later

all those should be pretty comparable. but of course the chipped p28 will have better fuel and what not because its chipped.

here is how it stacks up:

p61 ecu: $250-$350
p30 ecu: $225-$300
pr3 ecu: $200-$250 (yes there were obd1 pr3’s, but they are rare)
p28 ecu + chipping: $250-$300

but i’ve got an idea that might be even better. www.jdmhondaparts.com can now chip your stock obd1 LS ecu into an obd1 vtec ecu! It only costs $175 shipped. That not only gets you an obd1 vtec ecu, but also one thats chipped, and all for under $200!

check it out: http://www.jdmhondaparts.com/frameset-ecu.htm