What ECU should i use when i do my LS/VTEC conversion?

Im getting a 94 SI vtec head i was wondering what ecu to use?Its pretty hard finding GSR ecu’s and when i do find then they are pretty pricey…What other ecu could i use to activate my vtec…I have a 92 LS…If i got a civic ECU wouldn’t that lower my Top Speed?If so by how much?What year civic ecu would plug right up to mines?

Also what else should i look forward with a different ecu?Will i have a different gas mileage?

Like I said in the other post in the other forum, get yourself a dohc vtec head first, then worry about what ECU to use. BTW, please only put up one thread in one forum to save bandwidth. G2ic doesn’t have a lot of spare room as it is, no use wasting space.

i have the ls/vtec…p72 ecu out of a '94-'95 gsr…thats what i got!!


jus get a chipped ecu for an LS that revs to 8200rpm and get a fields vtec controller much cheaper and you can tune your fuel and vtec…