What else should I look for while replace the clutch?

I have problems with the clutch in this car since I got it, but it has gotten me from point a to point b for about a year. I figure it is finally time to change it out. The clutch that is in there is of unknown make and for all I know could be the original (but at 231k miles unlikely). I also plan on changing the passanger side axle since it is clicking in turns (also been doing that since I got it). When I do it I am going to be using a 6-puck sprung clutch and 7.5lb flywheel with a new throwout bearing and pilot bearing. The problems it is giving me right now are slipping whenever someone else is in the car (I only weigh 108lbs) and when it is cold and I release the clutch I get a good thud that shakes the whole car. Oh I was also planning on doing the rear main seal at the same time. Anything else I should take a look at?

Did you try to adjust the clutch via the black knob on the tranny cable bracket?

Also, you might want to consider a full face organic clutch like the Exedy or Act offerings instead of a 6-puck.

sounds to me like you got all your bases covered. i would check all you motor mounts since they have to come of anyways.

I had a RPS 6 puck sprung hub clutch and was very pleased with it. daily driving was not hard on the leg and it could be droped on a dime. it was an awsome clutch and i wish i had the money to replace it with another one. when it went out.

before you do anything, i would definatly agree with samteg92 and just make sure it adjusted right.:hi5:

Yeah I checked to see if it was adjusted when I first got the car.

As for the motor mounts I was thinking about those and I was wondering if most people just use the inserts on those or what? Also what is the easiest way to get the rear mount? While I was under there removing the power steering lines I saw it and the first thought was, “Oh that looks like a bitch to get to.”

you can lower the rear beam and get it from underneath…basically it is a bitch to undo

just wait till u have to put it back in!..what exactly are the inserts in the motor mounts? i need new mounts too an i dont know what the bushings are…here are the ones that i found on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sspagename=ADME%3AB%3AAAQ%3AUS%3A1&viewitem=&item=300071711125

are they decent and are they hard to install?

Stock engine and tranny mounts have gaps in them to allow the engine to vibrate without transferring the vibration to the chassis. Just like the pictures you have posted in the link, the inserts are used to fill the gaps in the motor mounts. This will address wheel hop problems as well as give a more solid feel between the engine and the chassis. Some people can’t stand the added vibration tho.

Another option is solid mounts like Prothane and others.

thanks for your insight bro